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Welcome to ATIC

The company aims to provide sustainable, healthy and reliable solutions for the development of agriculture and agro-industry in Guinea.

Our business is good

A one-of-a-kind viable concept that will enhance, realize and pioneer the "Produce from Guinea" dream. .

Our customers keep coming back

We offer healthy, quality and affordable products that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and thus open the door to new markets.

We’re getting our work done

A business model based on SMART planning where consolidated projects are completed on schedule.

We’re leaders

Pioneered an agribusiness development concept that will lead the industry across the country.

We’re delivering for our customers

Customer satisfaction increased yearly.

Our team is growing

Plan to gradually develop agricultural land across the country, contributing to unemployment and empowerment of youth and women.

About Our Company


Africa Trade & Investment Corporation (ATIC) Guinea is a limited liability company created since 2011 with particular attention given to agrobusiness, agriculture and mining development.

The company works closely with AGROVOLTA, an experienced agricultural entity based in Spain, present in Central and West Africa..

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